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6 week prenatal x 75 mins



Open to all after the first trimester. These prenatal classes are a nurturing safe space for women to connect with each other through their pregnancy journey and offer a way to prepare both body and mind for a positive birthing experience. Classes interweave relaxing breath work with physical postures to build strength and stamina but also importantly empower you to take ownership of your body and baby on this journey.

No two classes are the same but each class will aim to

• promote a healthy pregnancy
• prepare for an active birth
• relieve muscle tension
• develop strength and stamina
• alleviate anxieties
• improve balance and flexibility
• prepare both body and mind for labour
• include discussions on birth preparation, birth preferences (birthing position, pain relief, induction) labour stages, birth preferences

Please note if you currently have private health insurance you can claim back a percentage of the course price, contact your service provider for further details.